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The Secret to Youthful Appearance and Self-Confidence

Benefits of Procedures Performed at an Aesthetic Medicine Clinic:

  • Skin Renewal and Revitalization
  • Enhancement of Body Contours
  • Scar and Imperfection Removal
  • Provides Long-Lasting Results

We offer:

  • Treatment of atrophic and hypertrophic scars – price from 150 PLN
  • Reduction of excessive facial and neck tension caused by stress – price from 200 PLN
  • Treatment of muscle atrophy or significant loss of volume (the “paper-thin skin” effect) – price from 200 PLN
  • Wrinkle filling – price from 200 PLN
  • Treatment of photoaging of the skin – price from 200 PLN
  • Treatment of stretch marks – price from 200 PLN
    • Newly developed stretch marks in a young patient
    • Stretch marks related to growth, pregnancy, or weight gain
  • Treatment of hair loss and hair thinning – price from 200 PLN
  • Treatment of aging skin on hands, arms, and feet – price from 200 PLN
  • Facial contouring – price from 200 PLN
  • Excess fat tissue reduction – price from 200 PLN:
    • Without excessive skin sagging
    • With sagging skin
  • Treatment of skin sagging, neck muscle sagging, and fascia – price from 200 PLN
  • Treatment of skin sagging with excessive muscle tension – price from 200 PLN
  • Treatment of discolorations and defects of the external intimate areas in women – price from 200 PLN
  • Removal of genital warts – price from 200 PLN
  • Electrocoagulation – price from 200 PLN

Each procedure is preceded by a visit with a specialist doctor.

If you are considering aesthetic medicine procedures, please fill out the form and consult with a GlobalMedic specialist who will help you achieve the desired results.

Thanks to aesthetic medicine, you can regain your youthful appearance and increase your self-confidence.

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