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At the GlobalMedic Neurology Clinic, we deal with disorders of the nervous system. We put the greatest effort into the diagnosis and treatment of neurological ailments.

The Neurology Clinic accepts patients over 16 years of age.

Disorders of the nervous system – related to problems with movement, speech, hearing, sight and feeling disorders.
Epilepsy – also known as epilepsy, is a chronic disease of the nervous system. Its characteristic symptom is epileptic seizures associated with impaired brain function. Seizures are sudden, excessive and abnormal electrical discharges in nerve cells.
Sleep disorders – insomnia, excessive sleepiness or excessive arousal, may be caused by a malfunctioning nervous system.
Memory disorders – they may result from many neurological reasons and require more extensive diagnostics.
Neuropathy – most often caused by damage to peripheral nerves, leads to sensory disturbances.
Post-stroke condition – As a result of a stroke, part of the brain dies. Stroke patients require intensive rehabilitation and neurological control. In our medical clinic, consultations are also provided by a neurologist..
Condition after encephalitis, meningitis – is an infectious disease characterized by, unfortunately, high mortality. It also happens that it leaves a permanent trace in the body.
Disorders caused by Parkinson’s disease – it is a degenerative disease of the central nervous system. It leads to resting tremor, slowness of movement, muscle stiffness and disturbances in body stability.
Huntington’s disease – is an inherited disease of the central nervous system. It causes progressive degeneration of brain cells.
Paresis of the upper and lower limbs – also called paralysis. It consists in weakening or limiting the movement of the limb affected by paresis.

The cost of a neurological consultation is PLN 200.

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Dorota Gniazdowska-Rajska
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