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Important notice!

We are still accepting declarations of choice for our Primary Care Clinic.

Submitting the declaration of choice is free of charge and gives you an access to primary care (i.e. outpatient visits, teleconsultations, sick leave, prescriptions).
We provide free primary care only for ones who have previously submitted a declaration of choice.

Number of patients who may submit the declaration of choice for our Primary Care Clinic is limited by the law!

You don't have to wait till you feeling sick. You can submit your declaration of choice for our clinic even now to get access to our primary care services anytime later.
You have any questions? Contact us.

We speak English.

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Medical clinic in Kutno - Primary Health Care (NFZ)

Choose a primary care doctor, community nurse, and midwife at our primary care clinic in Kutno
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Are you already a patient at our clinic?
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24 384 71 17
Are you already a patient at our clinic?
Click to call and make an appointment

24 384 71 17
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Vaccination against HPV virus

Our Clinic participates in free vaccinations against HPV virus for girls and boys.

Vaccination registration:
-Phone number for vaccination point: 24 384 71 17
-Infoline: 989
-Patient portal:

Who is eligible for free, universal HPV vaccinations?
The universal program of free HPV vaccinations is aimed at girls and boys aged 12 and 13 (born between January 1, 2010, and completion of the 14th year of age).
HPV vaccination is listed in the Polish Immunization Program as a recommended vaccination. It is not mandatory.

Vaccination Point Kutno


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We have experienced staff - internist, community nurse, midwife.

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GlobalMedic Medical Center
Medical Clinic in Kutno
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Medical Center

Medical clinic in Kutno
Barlickiego 2
99-300 Kutno

phone 24 384 71 17
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