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Our Gynecology Clinic is a place where patients receive not only professional medical care, but also support and understanding in matters related to their women’s health. We know that for many women a gynecological examination can be stressful and cause a lot of uncertainty and fear. That is why we focus on an individual approach to each patient, trying to ensure her comfort and full discretion.

Using our services, you don’t have to worry that your visit is scheduled right after work. On site, you can use a comfortable bathroom and special clothing that gives comfort during the examination.

In our GlobalMedic Gynecological Clinic, we focus on innovation and advanced technologies. That is why we use the Videokolposcope HD-1000 – the latest generation device, which is widely recognized as a digital revolution in the field of early detection of precancerous changes and cervical cancer.

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Gynecological consultations:

  • control tests
  • diagnosis of abnormal bleeding
  • diagnosis of menstruation
  • diagnosis of fibroids, cysts, polyps, tumors
  • treatment of inflammation of the reproductive organs
  • treatment of inflammations of the urinary system
  • contraception – advice, selection of methods
  • insertion and removal of intrauterine devices: classic and hormonal

Gynecological and endocrinological consultations:

  • the problem of early menopause
  • climacteric disorders
  • endometrial treatment
  • diagnosis and treatment of hormonal disorders in adolescence
  • menstrual disorders

Gynecological diagnosis:

  • basic colposcopy – PLN 120
  • extended colposcopy – PLN 250
  • basic cytology – PLN 60
  • extended cytology – from PLN 85
  • ultrasound examinations – from PLN 150
  • cervical biopsy – PLN 250
  • endometrial aspiration biopsy using Pipell – PLN 250
  • painless and quick removal of papillomas – from PLN 150

If you are interested in aesthetic medicine in the field of gynecology or the beauty industry, write to us, we will send you more information

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Viktoria Polegenka
Gynecologist, obstetrician and endocrinologist from Ukraine with permission to practice medicine in Poland
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