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GlobalMedic - Medical Center
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grzankaaa (11.01.2023)
Orthopedic Clinic

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I highly recommend it!!
Bartosz (11.01.2023)
Orthopedic Clinic

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I recommend!
Orthopedic consultation
The consultation includes an interview and an orthopedic examination. The time allowed for the consultation is 20 minutes.
Physician : Maciej Foczpaniak
Kutno, Barlickiego 2
  • Orthopedic consultation - 200 PLN
  • Additional treatments during orthopedic consultation:
  • Removal of stitches - 20 PLN
  • Cast removal - 50 PLN
  • Injection - hyaluronic acid - 20 PLN
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    Diseases treated:

    • Inflammatory diseases of the joints
    • Degenerative joint diseases
    • Other diseases and damage to the joints
    • Spine diseases
    • Inflammation of muscles and tendons
    • Other diseases of muscles and tendons
    • Enthesopathies
    • Diseases of synovial bursae
    • Ganglions
    • Foot defects
    • Posture defects
    • Other diseases and ailments of the musculoskeletal system

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    specialist doctor
    Maciej Foczpaniak
    Orthopedist Traumatologist, specialist in orthopedics and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system.
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