Massage Kutno - Therapeutic and relaxing massage
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Primery Health Clinic of the year 2023
in Kutno
according to the medical plebiscite 'HIPOKRATES 2023' of Dziennik Łódzki
under the patronage of the President of the National Health Fund

massage Kutno

The voucher can be purchased for any amount, which can then be used to purchase a massage according to the current price list.

The voucher is valid until March 31, 2023.

Therapeutic massage at the GlobalMedic Medical Center is performed by an experienced doctor. The purpose of therapeutic massage is to improve the patient’s health.
Relaxing massage is aimed at relaxing the muscles and has a positive effect on well-being.

The GlobalMedic Medical Center in Kutno invites you to a professional therapeutic and relaxing massage.

Professional therapeutic massage:

Therapeutic massagePrice
30 minutesPLN 180
45 minutesPLN 200
60 minutesPLN 240
Sports massagePrice
30 minutesPLN 100
45 minutesPLN 140
60 minutesPLN 180
Hands, legs, shoulder, overall massagePrice
hand massage – 20 minutesPLN 80
leg massage – 20 minutesPLN 100
shoulder massage – 20 minutesPLN 80
overall massage – 60 minutesPLN 200
Lymphatic drainage of the legsPrice
30 minutesPLN 100
Head massagePrice
30 minutesPLN 80

Professional relaxing massage:

Spine relaxing massage (manual)Price
45 minutesPLN 100
60 minutesPLN 120
Relaxation massagePrice
45 minutesPLN 100
Therapeutic massagePrice
40 minutesPLN 90
Relaxing massage of a selected part of the bodyPrice
30 minutesPLN 60
40 minutesPLN 80

Additionally, after a phone agreement, it is possible to book a relaxation massage at the patient’s home.

Medical massage
Professional therapeutic massage
Relaxing Massage
Professional relaxing massage

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